Conversion tracking Server-to-Server (S2S)

The tracker parameters may vary between different affiliate networks/programs even though they use the same platform.

1. Link Setup:
We will set up for you one conversion goal via our internal system. we will also generate special code for you, for example:<UNIQUE_KEY>&tracking=<TRACKER>&amount=<AMOUNT>
Where the <UNIQUE_KEY> is generated for your account during setup, the <TRACKER> would be replaced by a unique value we send to you for tracking in our campaign link, and the <AMOUNT> would be the revenue payout from that signup.

The above link parameters can be used either for s2S or pixel tracking.

2. Tracker parameter:
We will share with you a dynamic tracker inside the URL above. This tracker identifies each click of a visitor. You should store this conversion tracking parameter on your side (i.e. in your servers), and send it back to our server when that visitor generates a conversion. To receive this information from our server, you need to use the dynamic tag <TRACKER> in the URL of your offers.


with <TRACKER> being replaced dynamically by a unique string in your server's data

Therefore once this URL is triggered it will replace the values on the parameters from this:<TRACKER>

To this:

You should get and store the value of the tracking parameter on your side and send it back to our server when conversions are done. This tracker value, befwueicjfn93q4urcnq83xnfjemw8qz2jfq38jcrufn8j89xjqcmq3c3, needs to be sent back in the postback.
Please let us know how you call the conversion tracking parameter, so that we can prepare proper links.

Note: our <TRACKER> will generate a string of characters (letters, numbers and special characters, please make sure you accept them all) so make sure you are able to receive and return the complete string.

3. Postback URL:
Finally, you should send us the tracker information each time with a conversion tracking string:<TRACKER>&amount=<AMOUNT>

Therefore, the postback will change from this:<TRACKER>&amount=<AMOUNT>

To this:

api_key: should contain: (21432hruweihdfc9fwne92fn8294jd29j289f298dj)

tracking: should contain the unique string you received dynamically to your servers
(for example: befwueicjfn93q4urcnq83xnfjemw8qz2jfq38jcrufn8j89xjqcmq3c3)

amount: should be sent in the format 0.00, not 000 or 0,00.


If you use the Cake platform your parameters will most probably be:

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If you use NATS platform (versions and later.) we would recommend you to use this format:

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The HasOffers platform using this format:

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