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Simple Terms and Conditions

At MOAR Traffic we like to keep things simple and friendly. We do have a separate Master Services Agreement and IOs for any campaigns that supercedes anything laid out here, but we wanted to give you an idea of the terms we thought were important in simple language. If you’d like to see the template of those terms, you can check HERE or the IO example HERE.

This is the spirit of those terms:

One Working Day

Our most important internal goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to buy from us. Many of our partner managers have been media buyers before and understand the gut wrenching stress that can go on when you’re stuck in a buy that is not backing out. At MOAR Traffic we give a one working day out on any campaign that you have running with us, and often have any changes made in less than an hour, if one of our staff is available.

Not a Broker

We only go by our stats and the rates are for those stats. We deal this way with everyone who buys from us to keep the playing field fair. We also do this, because we at our core, we are not a broker, but an advertiser. Every zone is one that we have tested with our own internal products and partners, and we are very confident in the rates we show.

Long term deals only

We only look for partners that we believe will work with us with a long term mindset. For that reason many of our campaigns will not have an end date, but rely on the one working day to pause anything.


We work on net-15, within 15 days of receiving our invoice, we would like to be paid. If you continue to be late, we will stop working with you.

Honesty and Restrictions

Don’t lie to us, or we will never work with you again. Don’t break the law with your ads, or we will never work with you again. Also, don’t break our restrictions - we have many monitoring processes in place, and operate on a strict three and you are out mindset.